UNM English Transfer Pathway (BA)

Graduate with your associate degree at CNM and transfer to UNM to complete your bachelor's degree in English.

Complete Your Program at CNM

Earn your Associate of Arts in English at CNM and apply those credits and courses toward the Bachelor of Arts in English at the University of New Mexico (UNM). With your associate degree you will have completed your New Mexico General Education Core and have met specific major requirements for your UNM bachelor's degree. 

Pathway to Your Bachelor's Degree

Associate of Arts at CNM

Bachelor of Arts at UNM

Credits earned at CNM

Transfer credits earned at CNM + credits earned at UNM

Plan Your Transfer to UNM

Transfer Notes

Take the following transfer course options as part of your associate degree.

  • ENGL 2120 Intermediate Composition
  • ENGL 2210 Professional and Technical Communication

Complete one course from following options:

  • ENGL 2610 American Literature I
  • ENGL 2630 British Literature I
  • ENGL 2650 World Literature I

Complete one course from following options:

  • ENGL 2620 American Literature II
  • ENGL 2640 British Literature II 
  • ENGL 2660 World Literature II