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CNM offers flexible, affordable, and high-quality class options online or in-person. We have over 200 certificates, degrees and programs to choose from, including pathways in these exciting new fields.

Fall 2022

These programs are coming this Fall, but you don't have to wait until August. Click the links below to learn more and get a head start on these in-demand programs.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Machine learning and AI are driving growth and change across healthcare, information technology and the aerospace and automotive industries.

CNM’s AI degree will prepare students to join this field by teaching them how to build models that can make predictions and decisions. Students in this program learn about computer vision, natural language processing and how business solutions and applications use artificial intelligence.

BCIS 1110, ENGL 1210, CSCI 1108 are degree requirements that are offered this summer!

Business Analytics

Come get started in this high-growth field! Students in CNM's business analytics program gain skills in communication, critical thinking, and decision making. They also take courses in data mining, data warehousing, project management and predictive modeling.

This certificate is ideal for students with previous business degrees and coursework, as well as those newer to the field. Get started with BCIS 1110, BCIS 1330 or ENGL 1110 this summer.

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Cannabis Establishment Technician

Interested in getting started in the cannabis field? Already working in cannabis? CNM's Cannabis Establishment Technician Course gives you the training you need to be successful in New Mexico's medical and recreational cannabis industry.

This course covers: 

  • The cannabis marketplace in New Mexico
  • Laws and regulations
  • Safety and security
  • Ethics
  • Risk
  • Patient care/customer service

The Cannabis Establishment Technician Course is an online program that can be completed in six weeks. It's ideal for people currently working in cannabis, as well as entrepreneurs and those who want to get started in the New Mexico cannabis market.

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Explosives Technician Certificate

CNM's brand-new Explosives Technician certificate puts you on track to get an internship with Sandia or Los Alamos National Labs and an associate in Engineering. Students in this program get the hands-on experience they need to work with research scientists on experiments that use explosives technology and get the chance to take ENGR 1996 with Sandia National Lab faculty.

New explosives techs in the Albuquerque area start around $39,000 a year, and normal pay is $58,780. Forty to sixty positions open up in this field every year.

Don’t wait till this fall to get started. ENGL 1110, MATH 1230 and CHEM 1215/1215L are requirements for this certificate that you can register for this summer!

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