Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)


The Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) program teaches the fundamentals of UAS safety and regulation. Earn a certificate and pursue work as an Aerospace Engineer, Operations Technologist, and more.

Degrees & Certificates

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Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), or drones, have become an important tool across a range of industries. This program introduces the fundamentals of UAS safety and regulation and emphasizes the use of UAS for high-precision measurement and mapping and other applications including construction management, surveying, marketing and others. Students will log flight hours using both fixed wing and multi-rotor airframes.

UAS is a growth area with applications in a variety of fields. New Mexico employers currently utilizing this technology represent construction and design, mapping, public safety, government and film industries.

Program Highlights: Applicable regulations relating to small unmanned aircraft system rating privileges, limitations, and flight operation; Effects of weather on small unmanned aircraft performance; Small unmanned aircraft loading and performance; Emergency procedures; Crew resource management; Determining the performance of small unmanned aircraft; Maintenance and preflight inspection procedures