Working With the CNM Film Program

The CNM Film Program is very interested in working with and supporting local independent filmmakers. We believe there is great benefit in helping grow this aspect of the New Mexico media industry and also see the significant benefit our students receive in working with media productions.


Contact the CNM Film Program instructors for more information.

Tim Forrest,

Program Production Support Application

Are you an independent filmmaker who needs help with your next project? Our program can provide three types of support:

  1. Professional counseling and review of projects.  Our faculty is available to meet with prospective producers, review projects, and provide advice about technical, production, and logistical issues.
  2. Student crew. We can provide trainee crew in virtually every area of pre-production and production.
  3. Equipment package. A small but useful light, grip, and sound package is available.

However, we have a number of requirements that productions must meet in order to work with our program.

  • We must be able to review a script, budget, and resumes of principles as well as a list of proposed locations well in advance of filming.
  • Our students must be mentored on any project, therefore the production must have a significant number of qualified professionals working on the filming and pre-production aspects.
  • On set mentors agree that they will be responsible for training students on the set with full understanding that they are students who are learning to work in the industry.
  • Film students from the second term production class are required to work on the project.
  • The project must demonstrate it has secured the services of a qualified (for example, demonstrated via portfolio) editor.
  • The project must provide a plan for ultimate distribution of the finished product.

Specific requirements are listed in the CNM Film Program Production Support Application.

The first step would be to meet with CNM Film Program faculty to “pitch” your project! Because of the amount of time we require for reviewing, meet with us as soon as you think you are ready.