Career Technical


The Career Technical program can prepare you to transfer to a four-year institution with an Associate of Arts.

Degrees & Certificates

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This program allows the student pursuing a certificate or an associate of applied science degree that contains at least 30 technical credits (exclusive of BCIS 1110 or its equivalent) to take the required credit hours of arts and sciences coursework to earn an associate of arts degree at CNM with the required general education component for transfer to a 4-year institution. The CNM Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree or certificate earned by a student must be within the last 10 years, or the student will be required to demonstrate continued proficiency in the technical components.

Students are subject to admission requirements of the 4 year institution to which they plan to transfer. The acceptance of the 30 technical credit hours is subject to 4-year institutions who provide baccalaureate pathways for career technical bachelor’s degrees.

Courses taken with the credit/no credit option, transfer credits and non-traditional credits accepted by CNM toward this degree may not be accepted by the transfer institution.

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