About CNM Theater Department

The CNM Theater Department has grown from a group of required "art electives" into a full grown and competitive theater department that offers professional classes in acting for the stage and camera, theater design as well as screen and play writing.

The CNM Theater Dept. holds open auditions for student shows at the Vortex Theater in the fall and spring terms. All are invited to audition! Hope to see you soon.

Thanks to a new partnership with the Vortex Theater, situated right off the Main Campus, we run acting and design classes in the theater space, offering students and actual theater atmosphere for their work.

With the evolution of the film industry here in New Mexico, the demands for  local technical and performing artists has increased considerably and students involved in film acting and screen writing are finding opportunities on local shoots. The local community theater scene has been growing, as well, getting national attention for some of its members and productions. There are now more theaters in Albuquerque than in the recent past.

The CNM Theater Department is in a position to guide students who are interested in pursuing the performing arts and have a staff that is both well-connected and well-informed.  Even those students who wish to take theater classes "for fun" will find the time enjoyable and a pleasant alternative to more "static' arts electives. We invite you to join us in what has become a very dynamic time here in the Albuquerque performing arts arena.