Teacher Education

Why Become a Teacher?

  • Experience the joy of making a difference
  • Ignite curiosity and a love of learning
  • Share your passion for a favorite subject
  • Give back to your community

There are many reasons people choose to enter the teaching profession. Some are inspired by a former teacher.  Others are passionate about working with kids and the subjects they want to teach. Many teachers are motivated by a desire to make an important contribution to society and their local communities.

Benefits to teaching also include:

  • opportunities for advancement within the educational profession
  • family-friendly schedules
  • the ability to move to different geographic locations
  • excellent health and retirement benefits

Teachers are in high demand in New Mexico, especially in the fields of Bilingual Elementary, Secondary (Math or Science) and Special Education. National and state economic trends are also increasing demand for Career and Technical educators and Early Childhood Educators. Salaries in New Mexico public schools start at approximately $30,000 for first-year teachers, and range up to near $60,000 for experienced teachers who have earned masters degrees.

Associate of Arts Degree in Teacher Education

The Associate of Arts in Teacher Education at CNM provides targeted curriculum to introduce the educational theory and practical skills needed for teaching K-12 students in the public school system, as well as a broad knowledge base of arts and science classes. In addition to college coursework, students will gain experience working with children in the classroom environment.

Five concentrations within the Teacher Education degree are available:

If you are interested in elementary education, you may also want to find out more about Early Childhood Education.

Download the CNM catalog pages for the Teacher Education degree.

Program Contact Information

For more advisement in choosing your concentration, please contact CNM Academic and Career Advisement or contact the education department at teachered@cnm.edu