Field Experience

Information about field experience requirements.

Certain courses require students to complete hours in settings outside of the CNM classroom. Field experience hours are designed to give students real-world experience in a setting related to the study of the accompanying course. The number of hours and the types of experiences are determined by the course and instructor. Students enrolled in courses that require field experiences can find more information about the placement process for field experience through the links below. 

Education Programs

The programs listed below each contain a minimum of one course that requires students to complete field experience. Please visit the link below for the program you are pursuing to view additional information about field experience specific to your area.

Things to Consider

It is not recommended that students take more than one course requiring field experience in the same term. Students who decide to take more than one field experience course in a term need to understand they will be required to complete the number of hours for both courses at two separate placement sites.  

Students currently employed in a setting appropriate for the course (school, early childhood center, social service agency), can sometimes complete field experience in their current place of employment if the employment meets the requirements for the course and with approval from their supervisor. Students wishing to complete field experience in their current place of employment will need to provide information on their placement through the field experience placement assistance application in order for the Field Experience Coordinator to verify the placement meets the requirements for the course.

Background Checks

  • Students who will be completing field experience in a public education setting (Kindergarten – 12th grade) are most often placed in Albuquerque Public Schools or Rio Rancho Public Schools and will need to pass a background check for the district in which they will be completing field experience.
  • Students completing field experience in an early childhood setting will also be required to pass a background check. Most students completing hours in early childhood centers are required to pass a CYFD background check. Students in early intervention or home visiting settings may be required to pass either a CYFD or Department of Health background check. Early Childhood students should wait until they have discussed a placement with the education staff and faculty to complete the background check process.
  • Background checks for Human Services students vary and are determined by the agency in which they are placed. Human Services students will wait until they have accepted a placement to complete the background check. Human Services students who are concerned about their ability to pass a background check should contact their instructor to discuss options.
  • Students are responsible for paying any background check fees. 

All communication about placement and background checks will be sent to students from the Field Experience Coordinator or their faculty for the course to the student's CNM email address. Students should check their CNM email often before the term begins and through the entire placement process.