Learning Outcomes - CHSS Associate of Arts Degree Programs

AA in Anthropology

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of human variation in terms of cultural symbols, biology, linguistics, and material culture.
  2. Demonstrate understanding of and critically evaluate anthropological research and ideas.
  3. Define anthropology as both a science and a humanistic discipline.

AA in Communication

  1. Demonstrate communication competency with diverse audiences in multiple contexts to achieve intended goals.
  2. Critically analyze communication elements of messages and processes in various relationships and contexts.

AA in Criminology

  1. Critical Analysis
  2. Effective Communication

AA in Education: Child, Youth & Family Development

AA in Education: Early Childhood Multicultural Education

AA in Education: Teacher Education

  1. Apply knowledge of the code of conduct and ethics of their profession.
  2. Demonstrate professional behaviors in the field setting.
  3. Apply knowledge of working with diverse populations to their professional practice.
  4. Analyze how multicultural perspectives shape their interactions with community, parents, and children
  5. Demonstrate collaboration skills needed to engage in effective and authentic collaborative relationships with colleagues, children, families, and communities.

AA in English

  1. Produce writing that displays proficient standard written English, correct format appropriate for audience and purpose, including incorporation of sources and citations;
  2. Analyze and evaluate texts written in different literary and non-literary genres, historical periods, and contexts.

AA in Fine Arts:  Art Studio Concentration

  1. Students will create personal works of art that demonstrate quality craftsmanship.
  2. Students will utilize the principles and elements of design to create personal works of artwork.
  3. Students will explore a variety of media, materials, and techniques in the creation of personal works of art.
  4. Students will integrate content-based reasoning into the creation of personal works of art.
  5. Students will write an artist statement that demonstrates understanding of contemporary Artist's issues and places their own personal work within the historical art context.
  6. Students will present a digital portfolio of personally created works of art (to a group of peers).
  7. Students will utilize art vocabulary, including the principles and elements of design, to critique works of art created by one self and/or by others.
  8. Students will maintain a shared studio space and practice safe working practices.
  9. Student will demonstrate commonly accepted professional behaviors within the artistic community, including but not limited to meeting deadlines.

AA in Fine Arts:  Art History Concentration

  1. Critically analyze and interpret works of visual art.
  2. Explore the relationships and roles of patron, artist, and viewer across various cultures and time periods.
  3. Utilize the principles and elements of design to describe the form of various works of art.
  4. Write clearly and coherently about art.
  5. Properly cite sources when presenting scholarly research.
  6. Utilize art and art history vocabulary.
  7. Identify works of art across a broad geographic and time frame.

AA in History

  1. Identify techniques of historical investigation and analysis.
  2. Integrate ideas from multiple disciplines to interpret the human experience in society.
  3. Demonstrate the value of diversity.

AA in Liberal Arts

  1. Critical Analysis—Given new information, situation, and/or application, the student will:
  • Identify main issues, concepts, problems, and/or techniques.
  • Incorporate more than one perspective, source, method, technique, and/or approach.
  • Demonstrate mastery by evaluating, analyzing, interpreting and/or synthesizing.
  • Effective Communication—in written, verbal, numeric or visual formats:
  • Demonstrate organization and/or coherence of ideas, content, and/or formulas.
  • Produce communication appropriate to audience, situation, venue, and/or context.

AA in Political Science

  1. Critical Analysis
  2. Effective Communication

AA in Psychology

  1. Critical Analysis
  2. Effective Communication

AA in Sociology

  1. Critical Analysis
  2. Effective Communication

§ Nota bene: Certificate programs not shown.

Revised 11/19/13