NMTA Requirements

Typically, to receive a New Mexico Teaching license you are required to take and pass  three New Mexico Teacher Assessments.  The exams are dependent upon the license you are seeking.  Dependent upon the program you are in, there may also be program requirements as to exams that must be successfully passed for entrance or graduation.  Click here to visit the NMTA website.

NMTA--Basic Skills

Students seeking acceptance to colleges/schools/departments of education are generally required to take and pass the NMTA--Basic Skills exam.  (Students in associate of arts degree programs in education do not need to take this exam until they transfer to a four-year institution.)  The New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) does accept equivalent basic skills exams that have been taken in other states (as do institutions of higher education).  Students provisionally accepted into CNM's alternative teacher licensure program, must pass the Basic Skills exam during their first semester of coursework in order to continue the program.

NMTA--Content Exams

There are content exams for almost every licensure/ endorsement area.  Students seeking early childhood licensure will need to take and pass the early childhood content exam.  Students seeking elementary licensure will need to take and pass the elementary content exam.  Students seeking special education licensure will need to take and pass the special education content exam.  Students seeking secondary licensure will need to take and pass the content exam in the subject area in which they are seeking to teach (math, science, language arts, health, etc.).  If you are a student in CNM's alternative teacher licensure program with a concentration in secondary or elementary, you will be required to take and pass your content exam prior to doing your supervised field experience.  Individuals seeking to add additional endorsements to a license , that do not have the required 24 credits, may also do so by taking the subject area content exam.

NMTA--Teacher Competency

The teacher competency exam is the final exam required for a teaching license in New Mexico and should be taken near or at the completion of your education coursework.  Elementary licensure requires passage of the elementary teacher competency exam and secondary licensure requires passage of the secondary teacher competency exam.  If you are seeking dual licensure in elementary and secondary or a K-12 license (in art, physical education, etc.) you only need to take one teacher competency exam.  Students seeking special education licensure can choose either the elementary or secondary teacher competency exam.  Because the early childhood content exam covers the content and competencies of early childhood, there is not a teacher competency exam for early childhood licensure.