Experiential Learning

Through this program students have the opportunity to receive credit for new on-the-job learning experiences related to their program of studies.

They may be either paid or unpaid. If paid, they are called Cooperative Education; if unpaid, they are Internships.

Students are responsible for finding placement, but instructors may forward job leads. Job leads are frequent, but may not meet certain students' program of studies. Also, because students compete with other students for these job positions, there is no guarantee of placement. Ultimately it is the student's responsibility to find the position, although we recommend that students get help from the Student Job Connection Center to find employment opportunities.

Students can only register for the class when they have an approved learning position. Students must have submitted their completed application and training agreement to the instructor of record to receive approval.

Registration may happen any time during the semester, so long as the student can prove that it is possible to complete the required number of hours (minimum 135 hours) within the semester time frame; however, work hours can only start counting toward the requirement once the student has registered for the class or the beginning of the semester, whichever is later. In addition, all requirements (hours, employer evaluation, reflection paper, etc.) must be completed and submitted at least one week prior to the end of the class.

The only way a current job can qualify for experiential learning is if the student's employer/supervisor set new learning objectives that will require at least 135 hours of work during the semester. Students must be able to clearly track the hours spent on these new learning objectives separately from other work duties.

For more specific information: 

For more information, contact the Instructor of Record at (505) 224-3811.