School of Applied Technologies

Applied Technologies fosters an environment of relevant applied learning, such as trade apprenticeships. Our aim is to equip students with the technical knowledge and skills to further their career and personal goals.

Course Repeat Process

To repeat a course for the third time or more, please submit a Course Repeat Request Form.

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The School of Applied Technologies provides the latest Career Technical Education (CTE) training available using today’s emerging technologies combined with a hands-on approach. Our classes, trade apprenticeships, and interactive labs are designed to provide you with an easy transition from an interest, to career preparation, to a lifetime of solid, well-paying employment.  

We welcome you to explore our programs to learn more about what we offer and see for yourself how we're helping our students by getting Skilled 4 Work!

Programs of Study

Skilled Trades Design
Manufacturing Transportation
Film Other

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About Us

The School of Applied Technologies Promotes, Provides, and Prepares! 

  • We promote hands-on Career Technical Education (CTE) that will prepare you for careers in the skilled trades, manufacturing, transportation, design, and film  
  • Some of our programs may also provide industry credentials by the time you graduate 
  • We prepare students by offering convenient learning options with in person, online, and hybrid (a combination of in-person and online) classes to earn Associate’s Degrees or Certificates 
  • Our Student Success Team is available to provide you with assistance for class scheduling, academic success, staying on track and focused, financial coaching, scholarship information and more 
  • Current workers can prepare to skill up with Post Degree Certificates to gain new skills when technology changes or for upward career movement 
  • We promote apprenticeships and other experiential learning opportunities 

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