Welcome New Employees to CNM

Here's who's new at CNM
July 12, 2018

Antonio Alvarado, PEO, Campus Security

Jill Anderson, Health Wellness Public Safety

John Boglioli, Ingenuity Instructor, Ingenuity Support—Instruction

Leona Chavez-Mcauley, Contact Center Info Spec., Assoc VP Student Service

Michelle Cogburn, Inst. Tech, Business Information Technology

Katherine Deblasio, Part-Time Instructor, Math Science and Engineering

Odaro Ehiman, Ingenuity Instructor, Ingenuity Support—Instruction

Nikki Gonzales, Bus Manager, Information Technology Services

Merry Green, Digital Content Spec., Marketing

Daniel Heron, Outreach Manager, Ingenuity Support—Instruction

Tric Hoffman-Ahrensfield, Part-Time Instructor, Health Wellness Public Safety

Kevin Kouri, Network Admr., Information Technology Services

Brandon Lopez, Dispatcher E-911 Certified, Campus Security

Andrea Martines, Financial Aid Tech, Financial Aid Office

Aanika Mike, Assistance Centers for Education

Stephany Moore, Planning and Inst. Effectiveness

Jordan Padilla, SO1, Campus Security

Monica Romero, Administrative Tech. Specialist, Dean of Students

Lorena Razo, Health Wellness Public Safety

Carolyn Sajdecki, Part-Time Instructor, Health Wellness Public Safety

Michael Sanchez, OPS 1, Physical Plant

Rodney Sanchez, Ingenuity Consultant, Ingenuity Support—Instruction

Colton Sniegowski, Ingenuity Instructor, Ingenuity Support—Instruction

Daniel Tapia, Digital Content Spec., Marketing

Frances Terry, Information Technology Services

Elizabeth Thomson, Part-Time Instructor, Health Wellness Public Safety

Eric Todacheene, OPS 1, Physical Plant

Felicia Urioste, Program Manager, Ingenuity Support—Instruction

Roberto Vigil, Security Officer 1, Campus Security

Davin Watchman, Campus Security

Shawn Wilber, HR Tech, Human Resources