Support CNM and Higher Education Across New Mexico by Voting on Bond C

Oct. 28, 2014 -- Show your support for the vital role CNM serves in our community, as well as the critical role higher education serves across the state, by voting on Higher Education Bond C.
July 16, 2015

No tax rate increase would be associated with the passage of this bond.

If Bond C passes during the General Election on Nov. 4, it would provide $139 million for facility improvements at public colleges and universities across the state. CNM would receive $10 million for renovating Smith Brasher Hall, which would provide much-needed renovations to one of the oldest buildings on CNM’s Main Campus.

Smith Brasher Hall, which has 67,757 square feet of space, was built in 1984 and hasn’t undergone any significant renovation since it was built.

The building is home to many of CNM’s business and information technology programs. Part of the bond funds would be used to upgrade the outdated technology infrastructure of the building to create the kind of state-of-the-art technology environment needed to prepare students for the high-tech jobs of tomorrow. The upgrades would allow the computer labs and classrooms in the building to take advantage of higher capacity and faster technology, which is long overdue for the facility.

The Smith Brasher renovation project will also include the installation of much more energy efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, which will save energy and money for the college and taxpayers.

A new entryway for the building would be included in the renovation, as well as better walkways for students.

CNM and institutions across the state are in great need of repairs and improvements to facilities in order to provide the high quality educational experience New Mexicans deserve. For more information on Bond C, go to

Be sure to exercise your right to vote! Don't forget to vote on Higher Education Bond C when you go to the polls on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 4. Or, even better, vote early! Early voting is under way.

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