Sue Taylor a 2017-18 Distinguished Faculty Award Winner
CNM Governing Board Member Michael Canfield, Board Member Annette Chavez y De La Cruz, Distinguished Faculty Sue Taylor, Board Member Nancy Baca and Board Chair Pauline Garcia.

Sue Taylor a 2017-18 Distinguished Faculty Award Winner

Most American college students take one or two history classes in their college careers, usually a survey of U.S. History or Western Civilization. Sue, a part-time faculty member in the School of Communication, Humanities & Social Sciences, strives to inspire students to become lifelong students of history.
March 22, 2018

She realizes her most important function is to design a learning environment where students may attain the learning outcomes set for them in both face-to-face classes and in online classes. Sue designs activities and assessments which are designed to maximize student participation and performance. She uses many tools that directly enhance the importance of the class content such as Twitter, blogging, Wikis, Storify, and Prezi - all of which allow students to share their thoughts and collaborate.

As part of her commitment to CHSS and CNM, Sue actively contributes to the History Department’s initiatives and she also serves as an at-large Faculty Senator. Sue consistently strives to be an effective and engaging teacher.