Students Who Plan to Take On-Campus Classes Must Follow COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Small Percentage of Courses Being Offered On-Campus for Fall Term
June 30, 2020

Fall Term registration for continuing students will begin on Wednesday, July 1. Due to the continuing pandemic, courses will be offered primarily online. However, CNM will be offering a limited number of on-campus courses that require in-person instruction and prepare students for essential careers. Most have been recently added to the CNM Schedule of Classes and some more will be added by Wednesday. You will be able to identify in-person courses in the Schedule of Classes, or courses with an in-person component, when you see a specific campus (i.e. Main Campus) listed in the “Campus” column. For online courses, you will see “Online” under the “Campus” column.

When a student registers for an in-person course, you will receive an email with additional instructions. If you plan to take an in-person course in the Fall Term, which begins Aug. 31, please be prepared to help us keep you and everybody at CNM safe in the Fall Term by strictly following the required COVID-19 safety guidelines below.

Face Coverings: Students will be required to wear a face covering when on campus. Your nose and mouth need to be covered at all times. Face coverings with ear-loops, or that tie, are better fitting and have fewer gaps. However, bandanas and home-made face coverings are acceptable if your nose and mouth are covered. There are many choices and it is important to find one that is comfortable enough to wear while on campus. If you do not have a face covering, CNM will provide a disposable one for you to use when you arrive on campus.

Social Distancing: Students must maintain at least six feet of distance from other people at all times. Please respect social distancing whenever you are on CNM campuses. Failure to maintain social distancing of six feet may result in being dismissed from the learning activity. Please note: If you are in a program where human-to-human contact is required, you will receive specific instructions regarding safety procedures. Also, service animals are not trained in social distancing. If you encounter a service animal, please help by staying six feet away from them, and as always, do not touch or interact with the service animal.

COVID-19 Symptom Checking: All students will be asked screening questions about potential symptoms upon entry to any CNM building. Be prepared to answer these questions honestly and quickly. Students who respond “yes” to any particular screening question may be asked additional questions or asked to complete a written wellness assessment. Any person refusing to participate with any aspect of the assessment will be denied entry to the building. This will take time, so please plan on coming to class at least 15 minutes early to allow for the time needed for this screening process.

Bathrooms: CNM bathrooms are also subject to social distancing.

Hallways: Please be mindful of any arrows on floors and doors. There may be specific doors dedicated for entrance, others for exit. Some doors may only be available for certain classes or rooms. Take time to read any posted signs posted on doors or in walkways for information about pathways and traffic flow. It is also reasonable for instructors to dismiss students at the end of class in smaller groups in order to control the numbers of students in hallways. Do not gather in hallways, please do not sit on floors or on other surfaces.

Sharing: Please be sure you have everything that you need for class before you leave for a campus. Students should not be sharing books, computers, pens, paper, food, beverages, or any other physical items.

Travel: We strongly discourage any travel out of state. If students choose to travel out of state, be prepared to follow any state guidelines for quarantine upon return.