Workshop Helps Entrepreneurs Test the Market for Their Idea

Oct. 28, 2014 -- The IGNITE Community Accelerator at the CNM STEMulus Center is conducting a free workshop Nov. 7 that will teach entrepreneurs how to determine whether there are enough customers out there to make their business idea viable.
July 16, 2015

The workshop will be from noon to 2 p.m. in the STEMulus Center in Downtown Albuquerque, located at 20 First Plaza Center NW.

One of the most critical elements to address before starting a business is “customer discovery,” which means answering this basic question, “Are there people out there who will pay me for my product or service?” You can learn about customer discovery and some of its pitfalls at this workshop titled, “If I Build It, Will They Come?”

Inquiring with potential customers can be intimidating, but this is a critical activity for entrepreneurs, who need to verify that there is a market for what they want to sell before they spend time and money building a business. The workshop will teach aspiring entrepreneurs how to appropriately estimate the size of the market for their product and there will be tips for formulating hypotheses about the business idea, developing questions to test those hypotheses and finding potential customers to interview.

Workshop instructors are Amy Lahti and Clint Reecer of WESST Enterprise Center.

For more information about the workshop, contact Tom Darling at, or to register for the event, click here.