Statement From CNM Administration Regarding CNM Chronicle

July 16, 2015

CNM is temporarily suspending the operations of the CNM Chronicle pending a full evaluation of the structure and oversight of the student newspaper with hopes of being back up and running by the summer term. The Chronicle staff will be reassigned to other work-study positions during the evaluation.

CNM does not have a journalism program, which has limited the college’s ability to provide the education and training that students need to appropriately operate a newspaper that is distributed to a student body of nearly 30,000. CNM is going to re-evaluate how students can be trained, educated and supervised in operating a widely disseminated student publication.

Some issues were pulled off the racks late in the afternoon. CNM felt the content was offensive and not appropriate for the educational mission of CNM.

CNM funds the operations of the Chronicle, and as a publicly funded institution, CNM feels a responsibility to make sure public funds are being used to support the College’s educational mission.