Starting in Fall, New 1-credit Classes Replace Math 1210

June 26, 2018

CNM has replaced the traditional Math 1210 course with four 1-credit classes that are completed in five weeks – Math 1211, Math 1212, Math 1213 and Math 1214. Instead of the 4-credit hour Math 1210 class, students only need 3-credit hours to satisfy the requirement and now have more interesting choices and quicker pathways to meet math requirements. This new design also provides a quicker entry into Math 1320, Math 1330 or Math 1340, all of which satisfy the math requirement for Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees. Most students will be advised to take Math 1211 (Problem Solving with Formulas, Measurement, Algebra) in the first five weeks of a term and Math 1212 (Problem Solving with Probability and Statistics) in the second five weeks. For the last five weeks of a term, most students will be able to pick from Math 1213 (Problem Solving with Geometry and Right Triangle Trigonometry) or Math 1214 (Problem Solving with Consumer Math).

The primary benefits of the new design are:

  • The classes are more relevant to students’ needs.  These courses were designed in consultation with Associate of Applied Science (AAS) programs across the college, and they include math applications more directly related to programs in the School of Applied Technologies, the School of Health, Wellness & Public Safety and the School of Business & Information Technology. Students only need to complete three of the four modules to satisfy the AAS math requirement (as opposed to the 4-credit Math 1210).
  • The new classes provide a quicker pathway into Math 1320, Math 1330, or Math 1340, all of which satisfy the Associate of Arts and Associate of Science math requirement. In the past, students needed to complete either Math 980 (3 credits) or Math 1210 (4 credits) to get into these classes. Now students just need 2 credit hours (Math 1211 and Math 1212) to get into Math 1320 and Math 1330.
  • Offering the classes in 1-credit modules helps students who struggle with certain topics. Currently, if a student struggles with one of the major topics in Math 1210, they risk having to repeat the entire class, including the portions of the class that they did well in. With 1-credit modules, students earn the credit for each module that they pass. If they struggle in one area, they only need to repeat that module, saving time, money and frustration. 
  • With 5-week classes, if a student needs to repeat a class, they can do it in the same term.
  • Pick the math topics that best fit your major.

 If you have questions, contact an Academic Coach