Staff and Faculty Unite to Hone Advancement for Women at CNM
CNM's AAWCC is working to uplift women in our community.

Staff and Faculty Unite to Hone Advancement for Women at CNM

CNM’s chapter of the American Association for Women in Community Colleges is creating conversations around empowering women through education and career development.
July 29, 2019

There is no shortage of strong, intelligent women here at CNM and our chapter of the American Association for Women in community Colleges (AAWCC) is working to uplift more women across our seven campuses.

The AAWCC is the leading national organization that champions women and maximizes their potential at community colleges. As a council of the American Association of Community Colleges, AAWCC and its members are committed to equity and education for all women students at community colleges across the nation.

“Every constituency needs support and that’s why we are here,” says CNM’s AAWCC President and Dean, Dr. Carol Ash. “Women in higher education are a large group of people and having a strong support system only helps to increase our presence and scope of power in the higher ed community.”

CNM is the only college in New Mexico that has an AAWCC chapter and it’s a big deal.

“We are in a five-state region and we are the only college in our state to have an AAWCC chapter,” Carol says. “It’s really important for us to come together and recognize each other’s strengths and differences while supporting and celebrating strong women in our community.”

CNM’s AAWCC hosts professional development and social events year-round to help innovate and drive the success of everyone at our college.

The AAWCC, in partnership with Women Advancing in Technology and Trades (WATT) and CNM’s School of Applied Technologies, sponsors the annual Women in Non-Traditional Careers Awards. The WIN Awards honor female students for their hard work and dedication in their educational pursuit of non-traditional career fields.

Members of the AAWCC discuss ways to engage and promote the advancement of women in higher education.

Chief Workforce Development Officer for CNM, Celina Bussey, recently spoke at a “Lunch and Learn” event hosted by the CNM AAWCC. Her talk centered on the importance of recognizing and building a personal brand that aligns with CNM's brand and our Mission, Vision and Values.

“It was incredible to speak to this diverse group of women,” Celina says. “I love that we can come together and discuss the high expectations of working for an organization that has such a positive reputation in the community and that has such a strong brand. It’s important to be able to recognize our own personal branding to understand how we in turn represent our amazing college.”

Celina says that building a personal brand is important for professional growth and that being supportive to one another during personally trying times speaks to a strong character.

“I think it’s important for us to come together and talk about subjects like we did today because these are things that are important to the students that choose CNM,” Celina says. “We know that it takes us coming together to talk about our own experiences in a way that will help our students succeed, which is a big part of our mission when we try to change lives and build communities.”

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