Stressed? Check Out CNM’s Mindfulness Hour
Kristina Chavez, left, participates in a CNM Mindfulness session.

Stressed? Check Out CNM’s Mindfulness Hour

Free and quick, the Mindfulness Hour can make a big difference, especially as finals approach
April 04, 2018

We get it; school can be stressful, especially as the term comes to an end and tests start popping up. To help, CNM is offering a free mindfulness hour every Wednesday from 10:30-11:30 a.m. on Main Campus in the Student Resource Center, Room 204.

The hour, which is led by CNM faculty member Melissa Franklin, is not all meditation, but instead a mix of breathing work, mindfulness training, and lectures from experts in the field.

“Our brains default to anxiety, and anxiety shuts down the academic brain,” Franklin says. “Here, we’re trying to calm the mind down so students can focus.”

The sessions are not part of an ongoing class, so students, faculty, staff, and community members can pop in whenever they’d like. Kristina Chavez, who’s studying Communications at CNM, was at this Wednesday’s session and says mindfulness is something she’s had to work on, but always finds rewarding.

“It seems easy to be ‘mindful,’ but it takes practice,” she says. “I appreciate having access to an hour like this because it’s helped me get better and overcome anxiety about things that have happened, or might happen down the road.”

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