Rust Scholarship Helping Students Struggling in Pandemic Economy

Please help support this important scholarship
April 29, 2020

The CNM Foundation has always been there for students in need. And now, with unemployment hitting historic levels due to the devastating economic impact of COVID-19, many of our students have lost their jobs and find themselves in financially stressful circumstances.

Since 2003, the Rust Opportunity Scholarship has provided emergency funding for students when they need it most. Today, tomorrow, and likely for at least a few more months, our students need this emergency funding on a broader scale more than ever. For too many, this scholarship might be their only hope for staying in school.

Since the beginning of March, over $25,000 has been awarded to students experiencing hardships related to COVID-19. Nearly every request is from a student who entered the Spring Term with the employment they needed to get through the semester. Now, as many of these students were working in the service industry, they find themselves unemployed and unable to meet obligations such as rent, mortgages, car payments or utility bills.

When CNM transitioned completely to online courses and remote work, the Foundation and Financial Aid office adjusted the application process so that students could still continue to access support from home. Changes included making the scholarship available online, making payment to the student easier, and coordinating letters of support on behalf of the students.

If you know of students needing support as they try to weather these difficult times, please encourage them to apply for the Rust Scholarship. While the need for this scholarship has increased dramatically, donors such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America and the May and Stanley Foundation have offered financial support.  

If you would like to join them in supporting the needs of our most at-risk students, please consider a gift of any amount to the Rust Opportunity Scholarship. Gifts made be made or redirected to Rust via a payroll deduction pledge by emailing Or, you can make a gift online.