Photo Gallery: Machine Tool Technology
Luke Fraser wants to eventually become a CNC operator and will likely go into gunsmithing. “CNM has a great program,” he says. “I had heard tons of good things about Machine Tool Technology before I enrolled and it’s proven to be exactly what I needed.”

Photo Gallery: Machine Tool Technology

Over the coming weeks we’ll be taking a behind-the-scenes look at some of CNM’s highly regarded programs that serve our state’s workforce needs
June 02, 2021

When students enroll in the Machining Tool Technology program they receive training in everything from blueprint reading to mathematics to metallurgy. Through both class work and lab time, students are trained for immediate employment in jobs including machinist, machine operator, tool and die, journeyman, proto-type machinist, and aerospace machinist. To learn a little more about the students currently in the program, we sent CNM photographer Noah McDonald to shoot photos during a recent class. 

John Montoya, right, recently interviewed with Los Alamos National Laboratories for a Machinist Apprentice job. If he spends two years in that job, he’ll be eligible to become a journeyman for Los Alamos. Jason Giesinger, left, works for Sandia National Labs and volunteered to go through the CNM program because his employer needed more machinists.

Stewart Weadock also plans to enter a job that’s CNC related and would eventually like to design and manufacture knives. “I love this field because there is something so satisfying about taking metal off,” he says. “Removing material to build something is very satisfying.”

Francisco Cano wants to start a machining career and eventually become a journeyman. He chose CNM because of its location, and because it’s affordable. “The price range is very competitive,” he says.

Isaiah Baca came to CNM because he knew he wanted to enter a trades field and he had heard the college provided high-quality training. “I figured I would try it out,” he says.