Photo Gallery: Graduation Inspiration Day 2018
Instructor Connie Gulick, back to camera, discusses the importance of graduation with her students.

Photo Gallery: Graduation Inspiration Day 2018

CNM faculty and staff came to campus donned in caps and gowns on Oct. 9 for Graduation Inspiration Day.
October 09, 2018

CNM held its annual Graduation Inspiration Day on Tuesday, Oct. 9, when faculty and staff come to campus wearing graduation regalia and CNM gear in a college-wide effort to inspire students to graduate. Many employees shared their personal stories with students about what graduating from college meant to them. There were also advising stations set up at all campuses, where students could check on their progress toward graduation or apply for graduation.

Library Manager Bridget O'Leary-Storer, left, and Reference Specialist Allyson James-Vigil work together in the library.

TRIO Achievement Coach, Jimi Sanchez, is silhouetted against a window while adjusting his camp and gown.

Instructor Connie Gulick, right foreground, talks to students in her Spanish 1101 class.