Start an Expedited Path to a UNM Master’s in Business Administration at CNM

October 17, 2016 -- Thanks to a partnership between CNM and the University of New Mexico, students can now start an expedited path at CNM that will lead to a CNM Associate Degree, a UNM Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts, and ultimately a UNM Master’s Degree in Business Administration.
October 17, 2016

It’s a new "2 + 1 + 2" program that will allow students to finish their MBA in just five years while saving thousands of dollars on the typical Master’s Degree path.

“I’m very excited for the students in our community,” said CNM President Kathie Winograd. “This new agreement provides an expedited, pre-set path for students to earn a CNM Associate Degree, a UNM Bachelor’s Degree and a UNM Master’s Degree in just five years, which will save them valuable time and money. CNM and UNM have had a strong partnership for many years. And this new program is taking our longstanding partnership to a new level, with the success of the student being our top priority.”

“The 2 +1 +2 program is a great example of UNM and CNM working together to help students succeed,” said UNM President Robert Frank. “Right now, fewer than one in seven students from a community college goes on to complete a bachelor degree. This program is not just a pathway; it’s more of a speedway to completion of a master’s degree.”

From the beginning of this educational journey, the students will have an advisor from the UNM Innovation Academy supporting them and guiding them through all three degrees. The advisor will provide the kind of continuity that research suggests is a key factor in degree completion.

This program offers students interested in an MBA a very affordable option. A New Mexico high school graduate on the Lottery Scholarship can complete all three degrees for less than $20,000, which is far below the average debt ($28,000) of a New Mexico four-year college graduate.

Students will start at CNM and upon completion of 12 CNM credit hours with at least a 3.0 grade point average, they will be eligible to apply for admission into the program. Applicants will be assessed through a simple application and short interviews with program staff.

Accepted students will then continue on to complete the State of New Mexico General Education Core and the requirements for their CNM Associate Degree of choice. They will have a reserved space in UNM’s Liberal Arts Bachelor’s Degree program, and they’ll apply for the Bachelor’s Degree program when they complete their Associate Degree.

After one year of UNM studies, students will begin their MBA coursework that will count toward their Bachelor’s Degree and MBA requirements. They will work full-time on their MBA in their fifth year, culminating with their MBA degree.

For more information, contact CNM's Academic Advisement department.