New Tuition Assistance Program Available for Laid Off or Unemployed Workers Who Want to Attend CNM

Those looking to gain skills in an in-demand industry can receive up to $9,000 in tuition assistance and up to $15,000 in tuition assistance for stackable credentials
December 07, 2020

Almost exactly one year ago, Levi Sanchez caught a rare virus that put him in the ICU for several weeks. He then had to spend six weeks relearning how to walk and type. He thankfully recovered, but just one month later was laid off from his job. Then, COVID-19 hit.

With toddler twin boys at home, it was a scary time financially. He wasn’t sure what to do next, but thankfully came across the CNM Ingenuity Deep Dive Bootcamps, which provide immersive, cutting-edge training and allow students to start a new career in just a matter of weeks. With some tech experience already under his belt, he enrolled in the Java + Android bootcamp as a way to skill up and move forward. 

He was also glad to find out about the tuition assistance opportunities offered by the Workforce Connection of Central New Mexico for unemployed or recently laid-off workers who want to enroll in a training program for in-demand occupations in fields such as IT or healthcare. Levi applied and received enough money to cover the entire cost of his tuition.

“At the time I was laid off, I was the only breadwinner in my family and I had never been laid off before, so it was a real jolt,” Levi says. “But then I found the bootcamps, received the funding, and once I got into a rhythm with my classes and realized I could make this work, I felt a huge sense of relief.”

Today, Levi is a Senior Marketing Automation Manager for a local bank. In that role he uses data to help automate customer journeys to ensure the bank customers are happy with whatever service they’re using. “No matter what product the customer has with the bank—a checking account, mortgage, auto loan, etc.—it’s my job to make sure they’re satisfied with the service,” he says. 

Levi says it was scary to go back to school during a pandemic, but then realized now was the perfect time to drill down and refocus. And with funding, he was able to concentrate without financial pressure. Going forward, he says he’s excited to grow and stay engaged in his new job.

“My goal is to stay agile and just kick butt at whatever I’m doing,” he says.

“Levi’s success is inspiring to everyone”, said Jerry Schalow, Board Chair for the Workforce Connection of Central New Mexico (WCCNM), which administers federal workforce development funds and operates the public workforce system for the Central Region. “We were just awarded an additional $1.1 million in funds for COVID-19 Pandemic related economic recovery support. The Workforce Connection team is hard at work helping to pair individuals with the best training opportunities to change the trajectory of their lives.”

For those interested, visit our New Mexico Workforce Connection: Choose CNM page for accelerated training programs offered by CNM and CNM Ingenuity, including those that are eligible for WCCNM funding. Students already enrolled in any of the programs can also apply for funding for upcoming expenses (the funding cannot, however, be applied retroactively). 

We have a dedicated team to help you take advantage of this opportunity. To contact us, either fill out the form on the New Mexico Workforce Connection: Choose CNM page, or contact Madeleine Daugherty (Maddy) at, (505) 224-4716.

To contact the WCCNM program directly, please email or call the New Mexico Workforce Connection at (505) 843-1900. The New Mexico Workforce Connection centers in the Central Region can provide access for up to $9,000 in tuition assistance. There is also up to $15,000 available in tuition assistance to those individuals who pursue “stackable credentials.” Stackable credentials can be a combination of many things but can include a bootcamp coupled with an industry-recognized certification.