New Mexico Gas Company Donates Industry-grade Material for CNM Welding Program
CNM and NMGC employees load up the first pipe donation to be delivered to the CNM welding lab.

New Mexico Gas Company Donates Industry-grade Material for CNM Welding Program

January 22, 2019

The New Mexico Gas Company and CNM have teamed up to bring unused metal pipes to the college’s welding program.

“We’re excited to partner with CNM and recycle our scrap pipe. We are always looking for innovative ways to support our community and CNM presented this opportunity to pick up our materials, which will in turn help their students,” said Ryan Shell, President of NMGC. “It truly is a win-win for both parties.”

The pipes will be used in welding labs so that students will have the opportunity to work with industry-based materials to help hone their welding skills. The donations will also help reduce CNM’s cost for welding materials.

“Before this partnership, we had been purchasing all of the pipe for our advanced students to train on,” said Kristen Benedict, Dean for CNM’s School of Applied Technologies. “CNM is very grateful for this partnership with New Mexico Gas Company. This is about creating a much-needed skilled workforce for our local economy.”

The donated material comes from NMGC’s Operations Department, which has scrap pipes ranging from 2-inches to 24-inches in diameter. The donation is ongoing and will continue as long as materials are available.


“Having New Mexico Gas Company donate materials is extremely helpful to our program, our students and our community,” Benedict said. “This will save CNM money while giving our students a valuable opportunity to practice on pipe that is considered an industry standard.”

Jasen Thomas, an instructional technician in CNM’s welding lab, said that this donation also helps to bridge the two organizations so that CNM welding graduates can test to work for NMGC.

“This is another opportunity to put our community to work,” said Thomas.