Kathlynn Roberts a 2017-18 Distinguished Faculty Award Winner

Kathy, a part-time faculty member in the School of Health, Wellness & Public Safety, has graciously stepped-up as the Radiologic Technology Interim Clinical Coordinator for the last three terms. Additionally, she volunteered to cover some classes during the end of the fall term when there was an immediate program vacancy. She is also teaching didactic courses this term in additional to her other duties.
March 14, 2018

Because students are enrolled in various clinical rotations, Kathy is readily available via email at all times of the day to answer questions. She goes out of her way to follow-up with students at the clinical sites and with faculty to ensure the success of the program and its affiliates. Kathy is committed to excellence in teaching and she is always there to support her co-workers.

Her strategy for student success is not only be supportive but to have clear-cut and consistent guidelines for the students to follow. Kathy puts in the extra effort and continues to contribute to the enrichment of her department in a positive way.