How Lowe’s is Helping CNM Step Up to Fight COVID-19
Operation Tech Juan Delgado and Senior Bootcamp Assistant Marty Bonacci cut protective gowns at the FUSE Makerspace. Similar gowns will be made from the donated Tyvek material.

How Lowe’s is Helping CNM Step Up to Fight COVID-19

The company has made both material and cash donations that are saving lives
May 07, 2020

As you might have read, CNM Ingenuity’s FUSE Makerspace has transitioned all of its equipment and resources over to the building, cleaning, and distributing personal protective equipment (PPE) that’s being shipped to COVID-19 healthcare workers in every corner of the state.

Now, to keep the work going, Lowe’s has donated a $2,500 gift card that FUSE will use to purchase the supplies needed to build more intubation boxes, or square plexiglass boxes, that fit over a patient’s head with holes for a doctor’s arms. The boxes are used as a layer of protection when intubating a patient on a ventilator.

Additionally, Lowe’s also connected FUSE with Dupont, which will be donating eight rolls of a special Tyvek material that’s used to build specific COVID-19 protective gowns. FUSE Director Dena Thomas-Aouassou says the Makerspace will use their CNC machine to cut 36 gowns from each roll (for a total of 288) over the coming weeks. Working with the website, those gowns will then be distributed to healthcare workers in high-need areas such as Gallup. 

“We’re proud to support companies like CNM who have pivoted their business models to bring critical products to healthcare workers on the front lines of this pandemic,” said Chris Grimley, Lowe’s District Manager. “Lowe’s is also committed to CNM’s ongoing projects that help provide safe, affordable housing and empower homeowners to learn critical home repairs – the skilled trades we rely on every day.”

Beginning this summer, CNM will also be fortunate to partner with Lowe’s on two more projects thanks to an additional $235,000 in grants from the company. The first is called the Green Building Internship and it’s designed to provide hands-on coursework, along with paid internships, for CNM students and community members who want to learn cutting-edge green building techniques.

The second project, called the Home Maintenance and Repair Program, will teach the basics of residential home repair and is designed for people who want to work for a property maintenance company or obtain a handyman license. Those who own a home and want to learn more about the upkeep of their own property are also encouraged to register.

“Lowe’s has been an incredible corporate leader in supporting COVID-19 response efforts across the country.  We are grateful for their contribution to support our response efforts at the FUSE Makerspace, as well as to their partnership for our upcoming Green Building Internship program and Home Maintenance and Repair pilot program,” said Mary Gallivan, Senior Director of Program Management for CNM Ingenuity. “One of the primary goals of CNM Ingenuity is to build strong partnerships to support workforce development, and our relationship with Lowe’s does just that.”