Governor Martinez Announces Standardized Nursing Curriculum

Nov. 7, 2013 -- Governor Susana Martinez announced at a news conference today, Nov. 7, that all public New Mexico higher education institutions with nursing programs have agreed to teach the same standardized curriculum.
July 16, 2015


The news conference was held at the CNM Workforce Training Center (WTC).

“By 2014 nearly 63 percent of nursing students will be learning this curriculum, and by 2017 it will be fully implemented,” she said.

Martinez was speaking at the WTC as part of an event CNM co-sponsored with the New Mexico Action Coalition, a subsidiary of the New Mexico Center for Nursing Excellence. The event, entitled “Academia and Practice Partnership,” highlighted the rollout of the New Mexico Nursing Education Consortium curriculum.

CNM and UNM, which have been part of the effort from its beginning stages, are the firstcopy_of_Diane.jpg institutions to adopt the standardized statewide curriculum.

The curriculum is designed to ensure that nursing students are studying the same curriculum, allowing them to transfer seamlessly to other community colleges or universities in the state.

Also speaking at the event was Diane Evans-Prior, CNM Nursing director.