First Class of College & Career High School Students Graduating

April 30, 2014 -- The College & Career High School’s first class of graduating seniors will be celebrated at CNM’s Spring Graduation Ceremony on Saturday at Tingley Coliseum. The CCHS grads are exiting the school with plenty of college credits on their transcripts.
July 16, 2015


The CCHS, located on CNM’s Main Campus, was opened in August 2013 through a partnership between Albuquerque Public Schools and CNM.

The inaugural nine graduates of CCHS will be recognized during the CNM Graduation Ceremony that begins at noon on Saturday. Students at CCHS spend half of their day taking APS classes, and the other half taking CNM dual-credit classes, which count for both high school and college credit. The college courses can be transferred to public universities across the state.

“All nine are graduating from high school with a significant amount of college credits and will be starting college in the fall ahead of their peers,” said Monika Monje, CNM achievement coach who provides support to the College & Career High School students

The high school allows students to amass college credits while satisfying their high school requirements. Through CNM’s popular Dual Credit program, there is no cost to the student for tuition or books, which can save thousands of dollars on a college education. The college credits are transferrable to four-year universities in the state.

The goals for the students at the College & Career High School are to either earn a certificate of associate degree from CNM by the time they graduate from high school or have enough college credits to enter a university as a junior when they leave the high school.

Since the graduating seniors were only in the program for one year, they didn’t have time to achieve those goals. But they are still graduating with a significant amount of college credits – one student is graduating with 39 college credit hours and another with 35.

Monje expects the number of graduates to jump to 50 next spring and even more the following year. A total of 75 students were enrolled in the College & Career High School this year

 “The graduating seniors are generally thrilled to be starting college next year with college credits under their belts,” Monje said.

One graduating senior is Ceznary Walker, who plans on taking two classes at CNM this summer and more in the fall. He eventually plans on transferring to the University of New Mexico where he will major in Business Administration.

“This was a great experience for me,” Walker said. “I got to see what college classes are like. I know what to expect in college.” He said that he also learned that if he showed up for class, was attentive and did the work, he would be successful.

He said having older students in his CNM classes was a great experience. He made friends with them and worked with them in study groups

Fellow student Hunter Farvour, who is graduating from high school with 39 college credit hours, said that he spent the past year trying to take as many prerequisites as possible. He plans on going to UNM in the fall to major in business.

“This experience prepared me for college – more than just going to high school would have,” he said. “I learned to really focus on my school work.”

The first class of College & Career High School graduates are: Nayeli Carranza, Mychalah Cordova, Breanna Duncan, Hunter Farvour, Nikki French, Ryan O’Brien, Briana Prien, Arris Walker and Ceznary Walker. All nine graduates are graduating from the school with at least 13 college credit hours.

Visit the College & Career High School website for more information about the school, which is currently accepting applications for the 2014-15 academic year.