What is a Reclassification and When Do They Happen at CNM?

Here's what you need to know
January 14, 2020

What is a reclassification?

A reclassification is needed when an employee’s work and core duties have substantially changed and their job description is no longer representative of the work the employee has been performing. 

A reclassification season reminder

Last year, Human Resources shifted from performing reclassifications throughout the year to a model of performing reclassifications during “reclassification season” to align with Budget Fest.  Reclassification season will take place annually June through September. 

What does a reclassification not address?

A reclassification is not appropriate for the following issues: longevity, volume of workload, performance, or to give an employee a salary increase. Reclassifications do not address a future state of work.

Potential outcomes

The reclassification may identify the employee’s core duties and responsibilities;

  • Are lower than their current job description and results in a lower grade and possible decrease in pay.
  • Have not changed and the job description needs to be updated, no change in grade or pay.
  • Are a higher level of responsibility than their current job description and results in a higher grade and possible increase in pay.

Requests for reclassifications may be submitted to Matthew Wright via email at mwright20@cnm.edu by the Department Director.