Values Shout Out: Unmudling Amazon team

May 26, 2022

Unmudl, a skills-to-job marketplace, asked if CNM could work with them and Amazon to create and execute (in less than six months!) an online, on-demand course, designed for working learners, that would teach the fundamental knowledge needed for their industrial maintenance technicians. They wanted something that would take less than four months for learners to complete, and Amazon would guarantee any individual an interview for a job that starts at $45-55,000 upon successful course completion.   

In partnership with subject matter experts from Amazon and a curriculum designer from Unmudl, this CNM cross-divisional team put together a top quality course and began enrolling learners in less than four months. 

Thanks to a lot of phenomenal support from every member of this project team, from testing and retesting the student experience, responding to multiple stakeholders’ feedback, and taking after-hours phone calls to troubleshoot for students, our first learners are moving through this program on their way to a career that provides them with economic mobility. 

This Values Shout Out goes to the Unmudling Amazon team. Thank you so much for being exceptional!

Nominator: Erica Volkers Barreiro


CNM Ingenuity

Mary Gallivan
Allison Pendell Jones
Jeff De Bellis
Bill Halverson
Angie Ruiz-Olivias 
Kristen Nguyen
Alicia West

Applied Technologies

Jim Berry 

CNM Online

Anne Key
Mitch Marty
Anthony Sanchez


Andrew Hostetler
John Warren