Values Shout-Out: Brian Sailer and Matt Thomas

August 10, 2022

Nominees: Brian Sailer and Matt Thomas

Nominators: Joe Schaub, Philip Carman, and the rest of the associate deans

Nomination: Each academic year, two associate deans agree to serve as co-facilitators for the entire associate dean group. In addition to serving as contacts/liaisons for all of the associate deans, these co-facilitators also organize and facilitate the semi-monthly associate dean meetings, provide monthly updates on the activities of the associate deans to Deans Council and plan the associate deans’ annual retreat in December, among other responsibilities.  For the 2021 – 2022 academic year, Brian Sailer and Matt Thomas filled this role as co-facilitators.

CNM faced a number of challenges throughout this past academic year. Firstly, we have been gradually emerging from pandemic and resuming normal operations at the institution. With more employees and students returning to campus incrementally, the option to hold in-person meetings, rather than Zoom meetings, became more attractive. With many employees still working remotely a couple of days per week, Brian and Matt mastered the new technology that has been installed in our conference rooms to enable the associate dean meetings to be conducted in a hybrid mode thereby accommodating both those individuals working remotely and those on campus preferring to meet in person.

The Reimagining Academic Affairs initiative this past year also presented a number of challenges. Matt and Brian ensured that the associate deans were aware of all the opportunities to participate in the discussions related to this endeavor and kept up to date on all of the pertinent developments. With the addition of numerous additional associate deans in the new Academic Affairs model, Matt and Brian spearheaded efforts to streamline the onboarding process for new associate deans.  

Through their efforts expertly navigating the challenges related to CNM’s gradual emergence from the pandemic and the implementation of the new Academic Affairs model, Brian Sailer and Matt Thomas have exemplified CNM’s core value of “Be Exceptional.” They are jointly nominated by Joe Schaub and Philip Carman on behalf of all the associate deans.