Values Champion Shout-Out: Maximo Lazo

This week we recognize a student for his exceptional work
May 05, 2022

Your Business Professionalism Instructor Bridgit Lujan nominated you as a Student Champion for the Spring 2022 term because she says that you exemplify the CNM value of BE Exceptional! Not only is your work exceptional, but you put in a great deal of care and reflection into each and every assignment. You seem to understand the material on a deeper level that shows how dedicated you are to your studies, and can see how the material is connected to the real world. She mentions that your analysis and application of assignments is above and beyond that of many students and your writing style is evolved well beyond other students. While she can only give you a perfect score in class, I hope this Exceptional badge, and round-of-applause/standing ovation from the BIT family is the extra credit you need to continue achieving at your highest. We wish you the best in your future endeavors! Job Well Done!