Values Champion Shout-Out: Core Dual Credit Matriculation Team

April 14, 2022

The Be Exceptional value asks us to surpass expectations in everything we do. This team achieved this in many ways. They worked together to improve a process that can be seen as a barrier for our students. They have exceeded leadership's expectations by using a combination of automation tools and skills with the Banner systems to streamline and move students through the system quickly. The team determined that because of system limitations, they would need to manually convert each student. There were approximately 3,200 students to matriculate. They estimated about two-three weeks of full-time work utilizing a large number of staff needed to accomplish the task. The core team realized there were other ways to automate pieces of the process and only use manual intervention when necessary. Once they mapped out the process and identified tools for automating, they were able to reduce this time to about one week including the building of the automation tool and processing of the student records. The team will continue to meet and address items through their retrospectives to continue to ensure sustainability with the process. Nominated by Rosenda Minella and Nireata Seals, today’s CNM Values Shout Out for the value of Be Exceptional goes to our Core Dual Credit Matriculation Team: Yolanda Pino, Carlos Ronquillo, Marlynn Hermosillo, Micki Pyszkowski, Katharine Baggett, Andrea Gurrola.