There Are Still Plenty of Spots Available in CNM's Spring Term Classes

January 04, 2022

CNM has plenty of spots available in Spring Term classes including Diesel Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Cannabis Establishment Technician. If you’re interested in picking up another class or two before the Spring Term begins Jan. 10, here's a full list of options.  

School of Health, Wellness & Public Safety 

  • Community Health Worker
  • Pharmacy Tech
  • Paralegal
  • Exercise Science/Fitness Courses.

School of Applied Technology

  • Diesel Technology 1st term (DETC 1111,1121,1131,1141)
  • Carpentry/Construction (CARP 1016)
  • Solar (ELTR 2605, 2615, 2630)
  • Architectural Drafting (ARDR 1101, 1102, 1104)
  • Film (FDMA 2120)
  • Drones (UAS 1030)

School of Math, Science, & Engineering 

MSE has a wide selection of lab science courses designed to fulfill the General Education lab science requirement

  • ASTR 1010/1010L - Introduction to Solar System Astronomy
  • ASTR 1110/1110L - Introduction to Stellar & Galactic Astronomy
  • BIOL 1110/1110L - General Biology
  • BIOL 1125 Human Biology
  • BIOL 1130/1130 - Anatomy & Physiology for non-majors
  • CHEM 1110/1110L - Chemistry in Our Community
  • CHEM 1115/1115L - Chemistry in Art
  • PHYS 1115/1115L - Survey of Physics

While all of these courses satisfy the lab science requirement, some of the classes will be of special interest to certain students.

  • CHEM 1115/1115L will be of interest to liberal arts students studying artistic fields!
  • CHEM 1110 and 1110L are unique in that the lecture (1110) is not a pre- or co-requisite for the lab (1110L). Students who have taken a science lecture and need a 1 credit lab can take CHEM 1110L to fulfill that requirement.

We are offering in-person and online sections of many of these courses, including synchronous online versions.

School of Business & Information Technology

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, AIML 1010-T01, CRN# 87341
  • Volunteer Tax Training, ACCT 1220-102, CRN# 87367
  • Introduction and Applied Analytical Programming, BCIS 2320-D01, CRN# 87625
  • Introduction to Digital Media, FDMA 1260-101, CRN# 86206

CNM Ingenuity

Digital Media Bootcamp
Starts January 24
Application deadline is January

Cannabis Establishment Technician
Starts February 7
Last day to register is January 21

Internet of Things and Rapid Prototyping Bootcamp
Starts February 14
Application deadline is January 24