Sustainability Curriculum Committee Elects Co-Chairs

November 9, 2016 -- The CNM Sustainability Curriculum Committee has elected Don Helfrich as its new co-chair. He will serve with Molly Blumhoefer, who has been co-chair for a year.
November 09, 2016

Helfrich is a part-time faculty member in the School of Math, Science & Engineering where he teaches geography and Natural Science for Teachers. He has been active in the environmental movement since 1991. He is most interested in applying sustainable, ethical practices to food, energy and water.

Besides being co-chair of the Sustainability Curriculum Committee, Blumhoefer is CNM’s Campus as a Living Lab and Sustainability Project Manager.

The Sustainability Curriculum Committee assists in creating experiential learning opportunities for students and is available to support faculty in incorporating  sustainability into their courses. The committee assists in designing activities, assignments and other curriculum-specific items that engage students across disciplines. It also generates ways to formally measure and assess results of these programs.MollyBsmall.jpg

“This is especially important now because one of the college’s strategic goals is to increase sustainability in the curriculum by 25 percent by 2020” Blumhoefer said.

The committee is led primarily by faculty members with the support of administrative staff.  The committee has 51 members, including at least two faculty from each school and several acting administrative participants. Committee members join voluntarily and are not appointed.

The Sustainability Curriculum Committee started out as the Sustainability Curriculum Team and is where the Campus as a Living Lab initiative began. Lis Turkheimer and Lisa Aldon were the original co-facilitators of the Sustainability Curriculum Team as part of the President’s Sustainability and Climate Commitment Task Force between 2012 and 2015.