Second Phase of Banner Assessment and Renewal Project Continues to Transform CNM

November 25, 2014 -- Steps to automate business processes are under way. One process is the Finance Disapproval Notification that was automated using Banner Workflow and went into effect Aug. 1.
July 16, 2015

The Accounts Payable team worked to automate the disapproval notification process. Previously the various approvers (Business Office Staff, Purchasing Staff and Department Approvers) made a phone call or e-mailed the originator to let them know their invoice was disapproved. Now the originator is contacted via an automated e-mail. This reduces the time to notify the originator and allows the approvers to devote their efforts to other tasks.  Over 500 notifications have been completed using the new process.

The overall goal of the project is to implement technology solutions to address improvements recommended in the first phase of the project. In addition to implementing workflow, these solutions implement a more robust Banner Security model and support ITS in preparing for the roll out of Banner XE.  

Banner Assessment and Renewal continues to transform CNM

The second phase of this project consists of nine subprojects that support CNM by automating processes, providing training and preparing IT systems for future upgrades. Each of the subprojects is outlined below.

Banner Extensible Ecosystem (XE): The next upgrade of Banner will be a major one as Banner itself is changing to a more modular format. In this project, Ellucian will support CNM in implementation and deployment of the Baseline Banner XE Component System in support of Banner XE Catalogue.

Banner Workflow Implementation: CNM business analysts and IT staff will receive training on Banner workflow topics such as developing and monitoring workflows and integrating workflows with Banner.

Banner Workflow Development: A Banner Workflow consultant will work with CNM business analysts to create some of the first Banner workflows. The Finance Disapproval Notification workflow is one of these workflows.

Project Management Support: An Ellucian project manager will assist the CNM IT Project Management Office (PMO) in managing ongoing projects.

Revitalization Services: The Ellucian management consultant that supported CNM throughout Banner Assessment and Renewal Phase I will continue to work with the Banner Module Coordinators to explore topics such as governance and maintaining a culture of change. In addition, Ellucian consultants will provide advisory services to support Finance, Human Resources, Payroll, Accounts Receivable and Financial Aid in completing projects started in phase I.

Banner Security: Ellucian will provide CNM with training on specialized Banner Security topics to allow the Banner Security team to implement a more robust security model.

Banner Enterprise Identity Services (BEIS) Training: BEIS is a component of the Luminis 5 Upgrade (myCNM) [CNM's Web Portal] Master Plan project. Ellucian will install BEIS and provide CNM IT staff with training.

OnBase Workflow Development: Hyland, the vendor for OnBase, will develop five CNM processes. The five processes include: 1) Small Projects, 2) Travel Authorization, 3) Invoice Approval, 4) IT Authorization, and 5) Grant Proposals.

OnBase Workflow Training: Hyland will provide two customized training classes to CNM business analysts and IT staff on-site in Albuquerque. The two classes are an Introduction to OnBase workflow and OnBase Workflow Advanced training.