SAGE Dean Contributes Letter to National Association of Developmental Education

April 26, 2017 -- LouAnne Lundgren, dean of CNM’s School of Adult & General Education, contributed a letter to the National Association of Developmental Education newsletter. She has been serving as the Adjunct Faculty Committee Chair for this national organization for the last two years.
April 26, 2017

Adjunct Committee Report by LouAnne Lundgren

As the dean of a developmental education department, I can certainly share that the last few years of “developmental education reform,” have created unintended consequences for the adjunct faculty at my institution. Addressing the concerns of the nation, and our state Higher Education Department, have been of primary importance. The changes to our curriculum have resulted in fewer sections of developmental education coursework, fewer contact hours, and therefore, less pay for adjuncts. The students, however, have seen an increase in retention, the ability to create better schedules, and faster entrance into college-level coursework.

I am fortunate that my institution allowed me to provide a transition period for the move to fewer contact hours. Adjunct faculty were encouraged to participate in an additional compensation project that allowed them to submit five lesson plans for every class they were teaching. The adjuncts were then compensated for the additional contact hour. This project was offered for two terms to give adjuncts some planning time before the pay was adjusted to reflect the new workload.

In my role as Adjunct Faculty Committee Chair, I have seen similar struggles. Each year, fewer adjuncts are attending the NADE conference, probably due to the unintended consequences of educational reforms and budgetary constraints. The participation at the committee meeting is slim to none, and it is difficult to engage the adjunct faculty and/or their supervisors.

I have reached out to the NADE adjunct faculty committee members and offered to share how my institution supports adjunct faculty through orientation, mentoring, and professional development. A few have taken me up on these offers, but I know there is more that can be done to share best practices in adjunct support.

In conclusion, I am seeking input from my Fellow NADE members, regarding the future goals of this committee. What do you see as opportunities for providing support/sharing best practices with adjunct faculty and their supervisors? You are welcome to contact me with your ideas at