Organizational Change Leaders Needed to Help CNM with Important Technology Updates

July 22, 2020
CNM is currently undertaking major technology projects that will have enterprise-wide change implications. CNM is preparing to enhance and/or replace the college’s Enterprise Planning System (ERP), including Student Information System (SIS) functionality. Currently, CNM uses the Ellucian Banner system for core business processes including accounting, purchasing, budgeting, payroll, cashiering and data management, as well as human resources processing. Additionally, the Banner system is used for student admissions, course scheduling, registration, financial aid, student records, housing student course grades and other college processing.
As part of this initiative, CNM is collaborating with other independent community colleges; the larger initiative is called the Shared Services Program. Working together, the colleges are looking to streamline and establish common business processes, as well as engage in the common use of new ERP/SIS system functionality. This program is expected to change the way CNM and other colleges conduct business.
In addition, the CNM community is currently experiencing many significant organizational changes, such as leadership, staffing, workplace adjustments related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the adoption of other major technology projects. The future ERP/SIS system changes will add to the organizational changes at the college. Understanding that even in “normal” situations change can be challenging for people, we are looking to proactively address the college’s need for support in understanding and handling the change that will come as part of this ERP/SIS initiative. It is important to institutionalize change as positive transformation. 
As part of the Shared Services Program, CNM is looking to create a team of change agents for the ERP/SIS program. Information about this opportunity and access to submit your interest to participate on the Organizational Change Management Team may be found here.