New Procurement Notification System To Go into Effect Soon

March 19, 2014 -- CNM staff members involved in procurement will shortly receive invitations to attend training sessions of a soon-to-be-live Purchasing Reporting Tool using an Argos Dashboard.
July 16, 2015

The in-person trainings will be held the first week of April at the Main, Montoya and Westside campuses, as well as the Workforce Training Center. Lab training for people with questions and follow-up will also be available in April in the Main Campus Student Resource Center, Room 111-L. The new system will launch in late April after the trainees have a couple of weeks to use and clean up their dashboards. As part of the training, participants will watch a seven-minute video that illustrates how to use the new system and the updated checklist.

“The new system will alert administrative coordinators and staff who process and manage their department’s procurements of pending expiration dates,” said Charlotte Gensler, senior procurement analyst in the Purchasing department. “The alerts will come in the form of automated emails that arrive in their mailboxes every Tuesday.”

Alerts for special purchase orders – banner blanket orders – will be emailed every Wednesday.

The information in the email alerts will include a link to the Argos Dashboard’s Purchasing Reporting Tool. The dashboard may also be accessed through a link on the Purchasing website.  Departments are encouraged to check their dashboards regularly, whether or not they receive the email alerts. Procurements that must be acted upon immediately will be coded red. Those that are ready for renewal and need to be taken care of soon but not as urgently as those in red will be coded in brown. All others will be in white.

Every CNM department and school will be impacted by the new system, which is expected to go live April 29.

“The new system is going to make more information available, it will be easier to access and it will be more comprehensive,” said Gensler, who will be providing the training.

She noted that under the existing system, people involved in procurement receive one notice through email that is limited to a small number of procurements. The new system will better assist departments in managing their procurements.

If you have questions, please call Gensler at Ext. 51164 or at