New Process for Accessing Classrooms, Labs and Conference Rooms

Jan. 24, 2018 -- There is a new college-wide process for faculty and staff to follow for accessing classrooms, labs and conference rooms that are equipped with electronic card readers.
January 24, 2018

To unlock a door with a card reader: The process for entering classrooms, labs and conference rooms remains the same – if a door is locked indicated by the red light on the card reader, apply your CNM ID card to the card reader, which will unlock the door for entry. As long as you open the door within 10 seconds after applying your card, it will remain unlocked while the room is in use, indicated by the green light on the card reader.

To lock a door with a card reader: When the door is unlocked and you are exiting the room, you must either swipe your card while the door is still open as you’re walking out – the door will lock when it closes and remain locked; or, if you are exiting the room and the door closes before you swipe your card, you must open the door slightly again, swipe your card, then let the door close and it will lock and remain locked, indicated by the red light.
When a class has finished, or when a meeting has finished in a conference room, faculty and staff are now required to lock the door when exiting the vacated room. Doors of classrooms, labs and conference rooms should never be propped open to allow entrance since this prevents the doors from being remotely locked down in the case of an emergency.