New Mexico Brewers Guild Holds Technical Conference at CNM

April 4, 2017 -- About 100 brewers, owners and operators from New Mexico breweries attended the New Mexico Brewers Guild Spring Technical Conference on Friday. The conference was held in the Robert P. Matteucci Hall on Main Campus.
April 04, 2017

Nick Jones, a full-time instructor in CNM’s Brewing and Beverage Management program, and students from his Beer Production II class showed off their skills to conference attendees, demonstrating yeast cell counting and viability testing -- a critical quality check during the brewing process. Many interested brewing industry members learned from the students as they performed the process.

“Many of the sessions were very technical and geared for people in the business of craft brewing,” said Victoria Martinez, CNM academic affairs director of Culinary Arts, Brewing & Beverage and Hospitality & Tourism.

Conference participants could attend one of two tracks, a Brewing/Technical Track and an Administrative Track. The Brewing Track focused on the actual making of beer, while the Administrative Track had sessions on marketing, federal and state compliance, and responsible alcohol service.

The conference was only open to members of the New Mexico Brewers Guild.

Recently, CNM's Brewing and Beverage Management program received great praise from Terrance Romero, Marble Brewery production manager.

"The CNM program is a great asset to the growing New Mexico brewing industry," he said. "The students who go through the program receive an education that sets them up for success in the brewing industry. Educational institutions are one of the first places I look to when I am looking to hire individuals interested in the brewing industry. Having an educational background paired with hands-on experience allows the CNM students to form their own foundation and skillset, which they can then use to enter the brewing industry."