New Leadership Positions Announced in HWPS

With Tamra Mason, dean of the School of Health, Wellness & Public Safety retiring soon, Dr. Carol Ash has been named interim dean of HWPS and Sionna Grassbaugh has been named interim associate dean in HWPS.
November 29, 2018

Dr. Carol Ash, currently an associate dean in the School of Health, Wellness & Public Safety, will serve as interim dean of HWPS when the current dean, Tamra Mason, retires in mid-December. Carol has been an associate dean in HWPS for the past 2.5 years and recently completed her doctorate in Higher Education and Organizational Change. She recently completed CNM’s Executive Leadership Year program and is currently participating in Leadership Albuquerque. Carol was previously a director at Kennedy King College in Chicago.

Sionna Grassbaugh, currently an Academic Affairs director in the School of Business & Information Technology, will serve as an interim associate dean in HWPS. Sionna, who has a master’s degree in Organizational Learning and Instructional Technology, began working at CNM in 2001 as a School Relations director. She has also served as director of Employer Based Programs and as a director for the Workforce Training Center.