Nearly 100 Teens Attend CNM’s Technology Day Camps

August 5, 2015 -- Nearly 100 teens between the ages of 13 and 17 learned about various aspects of technology during two days of high-tech day camps held at CNM’s Main and Montoya campuses July 24 and July 31.
August 05, 2015

“The camps were a great success,” said camp organizer Hye Clark, chair of CNM’s Computer Information Systems program. “The teens were serious about their learning opportunities in college settings. Many parents expressed their gratitude for the opportunity of learning about various computing pathways.”

Among classes taught during the two days were Intro to Websites with WordPress, Intro to Computer Networking, Intro to Adobe After Effects Post Production, Intro to Computer Game Programming, From Script to Screen, Cool Careers in Cyber Security, and Introduction to Raspberry PI.

Esperanza Sanchez, an East Mountain High School student who took the Intro to Websites with Word Press class, said she learned so much. “It will benefit me for the rest of my life. I am going into a job where I need these skills.”

Kat Keller, who currently attends some courses at CNM and will be going to high school in Alaska this fall, said the camps were a “really awesome thing to do. And they’re free.”

”The students worked really hard,” said Paul Clark, who taught the Intro to Websites course. “They took a 15 minute lunch break and went back to work.”

The classes were taught by CNM Computer Information Systems faculty from the School of Business & Information Technology, and the CNM STEMulus Center provided afternoon snacks.