Middle Schoolers Get Hands On With Career Technical Programs

July 17, 2015 -- More than 100 students in grades 6-8 attended a free CNM Career Technical Education Summer Camp on Friday, July 17, when they participated in hands-on activities designed to introduce them to some of the many career technical education programs offered at the college.
July 16, 2015

“The camp gave the middle school students a unique learning experience on a college campus, and it familiarized them with potential education and career pathways,” said Amanda Glennon, CNM’s Career Technical Education outreach manager.

Students who attended the camp signed up through four community centers that are partnering with CNM, including Mountain View Community Center, Westside Community Center, Los Padillas Community Center and Heights Community Center.

Some of the activities included:

  • Robotics – Campers participated in the construction of basic robots and learned some simple programming that guided the robots through a course. The robot sessions were led by a CNM Advanced Technology Systems faculty member.
  • Green Screen Demo – Campers learned about the magic of video-editing by being filmed in front of a green screen. They then used editing software Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe After Effects to magically appear in far-flung destinations across the globe.
  • Culinary Arts – Campers made a fruit and yogurt parfait in the Culinary Arts kitchen.
  • Criminal Justice – Campers learned about the criminal justice system by using interactive displays from CNM’s Criminal Justice program.
  • Fitness – Campers participated in a hula-hoop competition, Frisbee tossing, jump rope contest, agility drills and cardio station (pushups, sit ups, squats and lunges), hosted by CNM’s Fitness Technician program.