Lighting Upgrades at South Valley Campus Save Energy Costs

August 26, 2015 -- A lighting upgrade at the South Valley Camus paid for by a $5,000 Reduce Your Use grant from the PNM Fund will help CNM save 11,051 kilowatts per hour and $1,160 a year.
August 26, 2015

The upgrades included replacement of 29 100-watt wall packs with 40-watt LED wall packs that are high-efficiency and low-maintenance.

The light replacement effort, completed in April 2015, is part of a larger project to replace all exterior lighting at the South Valley Campus, including parking lot lights and floodlights, which will dramatically reduce energy use on that campus. While the grant is for $5,000, the final cost is $5,486 with the remainder of the purchase and labor costs funded by CNM’s Facilities Department.

Carson Bennett, Campus as a Living Lab Faculty Liaison, said the goals of the upgrades were to increase energy efficiency at the South Valley Campus, reduce total energy use, reduce energy costs and improve the aesthetics of the exterior lighting fixtures at the campus.

The current South Valley Campus renovation is expected to earn a LEED Silver Certification through the United States Green Building Council. The full renovation, to be completed in summer 2016, will consolidate space, reduce total square footage of the building and upgrade the HVAC system, all resulting in additional utilities and operational cost savings.

“We sought this grant as part of CNM’s continuing efforts to increase sustainability initiatives and decrease our carbon footprint,” Bennett said.