Jet Engine Donated to Aviation Technology Program

Jan. 5, 2014 -- 10 Tanker Air Carrier, which operates firefighting planes, recently donated a 16,000-pound, CF6-6K Turbofan engine to CNM’s Aviation Technology program for use in training students in aviation maintenance.
July 16, 2015

The company is currently upgrading to later model DC-10 airframes and is reducing its reliance on the CF6-6K. The large engines power the planes that carry fire-retardant substances to fight wildland fires.

“Rather than selling the engine, we feel that encouraging education in large aircraft maintenance will be a much better use,” said Rick Hatton, president of 10 Tanker Air Carrier. “We employ graduates from CNM, and we hope this can strengthen that partnership in the future.”

The engine, which originally was one of three engines on a DC-10 wildfire fighting plane, was transported to CNM’s Advanced Technology Center from near the Albuquerque Sunport where the firefighting planes are housed.

The engine completes the four-turbine engine types that students train on, including the Turbojet, Turboshaft, Turboprop and now the Turbofan, said David Ortiz, Aviation Technology instructional technician.

Recently, the aerial firefighting plane company hired two CNM Aviation Technology graduates as aircraft technicians. It also hired six students to work at the company during CNM’s Winter Break.