I-BEST Plays Well at CNM

April 10, 2013 -- CNM began offering Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training programs (I-BEST) with the Spring 2013 term. Already this innovative teaching approach is bearing fruit.
July 16, 2015

The I-BEST method involves pairing a basic education instructor with a career-technical instructor to help students get the basic skills they need in math, reading or English at the same time they work to complete a certificate program.

A recent initiative in higher education, the I-BEST pedagogical model has been found to be an effective approach for moving low-income and low-skilled adults along education/career pathways and into real living-wage jobs. At CNM, the inaugural I-BEST programs are offered in Welding, Electrical Trades and Early Childhood Multicultural Education.

The positive impact of I-BEST as CNM is illustrated on YouTube by a new video from CNM’s Media Production Services: